Alter Climate
Data Platform

Empowering Strategic Decisions with Climate Intelligence

Achieving Competitive Advantage with Climate Risk Management

In today’s financial landscape, recognizing and mitigating climate risk is critical. Clearsum introduces Alter, a comprehensive climate risk data platform designed for corporates, financial institutions, investors, and policymakers.

By combining advanced technology with market insights, Alter provides a deep understanding of both direct and systemic climate impacts on physical assets.  Alter helps you navigate forward-looking climate risks to 2050, wherever your assets or investment interests are around the globe.  Better yet, Alter also helps you uncover opportunities for strategic investment and growth.  Alter is simple, accurate, and insightful, combining market-leading climate models with your assets and financial data.  

Embrace the future of finance with Alter: where climate intelligence meets financial innovation.

Comply with emerging regulations

TCFD, IFRS, ESRS, CSRD: Outputs that meet regulatory requirements.

Mitigate climate-induced risks

Reduce portfolio vulnerabilities through proactive risk analysis.

Build climate-resilient portfolios

Optimize your investment strategies with deeper, systemic climate intelligence.

Expand investment horizons

Unlock new opportunities by stress-testing portfolio assets under different futures

Comprehensive Climate Risk Analysis

Powered by cutting-edge knowledge graph technology, Alter delivers key data necessary for making climate-resilient investments, offering in-depth insights into physical climate risks, systemic interdependencies, and effortless data integration.

Physical Climate Risk

Evaluate physical climate risks for your assets and identify current and future outliers in your portfolio.

Systemic Considerations

Understand the broader climate risk landscape with our systemic analysis, revealing how external interdependencies affect revenue and operations.

Seamless Data Integration

Incorporate Alter’s insights into your workflow effortlessly, with options for dashboard views, data extracts, or direct API access for real-time decision-making.

Climate-related losses since 1970.
Economic Losses from Natural Disasters in 2022.
Percent of losses uncovered by insurance.